Hikes from the hostel doorstep

Horseback riding

Mountain bike rental

ATV (quads) riding


Free sunset tours to Odem Mt.

Guided/not guided treks 1-8 days

Springs, streams and waterfalls

Day and night safari

Oil lamp night tours in Odem forest


Fruit picking (in season)

The Golan Heights is 1800 km² of nature... all kinds of nature. Dormant volcanoes, thick forests, springs, streams and waterfalls. Ancient sites, settlements and castles. Dozens of nature parks, and hundreds of marked and unmarked hiking trails.

This guide is the only source in English with information about most hikes and attractions around us.

The file is a powerpoint presentation and will help you plan your time here, just make sure you stay long enough to enjoy it all!!

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Our favorite hike - 16 km of magic. Starting from just beneath the Hermon mountain and all the way to Odem mountain.
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The   Big   Juba
The Big Juba in Odem Forest is a prominent local feature and geological rarity. This maar, one of about 23 discovered in the Golan Heights region, was formed through an explosion of groundwater coming into contact with hot magma below the surface. The resulting crater is about 800 ft
(250 m) across and 200 ft (60 m) deep.
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Golan   Trail
The Golan Heights has a reputation as one of the most beautiful areas in the region, and the Golan Tourism Association created this trail to let hikers traverse it. The Golan Trail begins on Mt. Hermon and ends just above the Sea of Galilee.
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Oil    Lamps   Night   Tours
Do not miss this out of the ordinary experience! To all you adventure lovers out there who enjoy mysteries; this is the experience for you..