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10:00 - 16:00 Shift

This is a very important shift because you get to make our guests beds and what is more personal than that?

Everything is important but making the bed is even more important. The bed is what our guests paying for. Make sure you pay attention to details and make the beds and the rooms the best way you can.

The first hour you cut flyers at the reception and being available for guests needs and questions.

At 11:00 you can start follow the list and go into the rooms.

This shift is not only making beds and finishing the check list. During these hours you are responsible for the hostel and the guests.

The check list is only part of your shift and is there to help you with the essential tasks. Please follow every step and dont skip any. If you dont know what to do feel comfortable to ask.

You can always do more but you cannot do less than doing every step of the list on the best side.

Golan Heights Hostel
Moshav Odem 
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