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The Private Rooms


Make sure you know the different rooms and the different rates. 

When cleaning the rooms always follow the specific room guide and dont skip any part of it.

There are too many things to remember and that why we came with the lists.

The private rooms are more expensive and therefor the guests expect for more.

We have 4 private rooms:

The En-suite - Double bed and the only room with private bathroom

The "Big Room" - Double bed and Bunk bed - suitable for up to 4 persons.

The Twin Room - The twin room comes with a bunk bed.

The Capsule - A beautiful small wagon parked in the garden.

It is very important to pay attention to the details and make sure everything is clean, in place and looking good.

Blankets and cover should be tight with the decorated pillows on top

In the private rooms we give towels according to the number of guests. 

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