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Golan Heights

The Golan Heights is 1800 km² of nature... all kinds of nature. Dormant volcanoes, thick forests, springs, streams and waterfalls. Ancient sites, settlements and castles. Dozens of nature parks, and hundreds of marked and unmarked hiking trails. 
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Around us in the north of the Golan there are few more villages - some Israelis - Kibbutz and Moshav (Hebrew names for the different kind of communities) and some are Druze (a unique religion – special people that we are very close to). All places around are relatively small but very modern and you will find life here peaceful and relaxing. 

50k people lives in the Golan today half of them are Jewish and half are Druze


The history of the Golan Heights goes all the way back to one point in time - 250,000 years ago. Before it was a valley and only then volcanoes erupted and turn the valley into the high plateau we call Golan Heights

Here is a short list of "travelers" who visited the Golan long before we opened the hostel and left many marks behind:

Amorites (3,000 BC), Arameans (2,000 BC, Assyrians (800 BC), Babylonians (600 BC), Persians (500 BC), Alexander the Great , Macedonians, Romans, Crusaders and Mamluks. The ottoman empire, The french mandate, Syria and Israel

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