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Days Off

Volunteers take 5 shifts a week and have 2 full days off. 

Once you trained on all 4 shifts and you know how to do check-ins by yourself you can ask to stay in other hostels for free.

When you want to go to other hostels on your days off make sure to email me at least one week before  (email or  whatsapp), with the dates and the hostel of your choice. Best to add option no. 2 in case the first hostel is booked out. 

Make sure to leave your bed and around it clean and organized, it will be nice for the others and easier to keep clean.

You can also spend your days off chilling at the hostel or exploring the area – there are many beautiful hiking trails and nature parks around us, or just spend the day visiting the Druze villages around us.

If you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation we highly recommend the Golan Garden hostel for a good rest or for some proper long hikes. Located in Katsrin, only 30 km away from us and they love having our volunteers staying with them

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