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The Shifts and Do Lists

Like many other things in the hostel the shifts are 
something that evolved with time and the best way we
found so far is this:
We take  4 shifts of 6 hours every day between 
07:15 to 24:00

The different shifts put the focus on different parts of the hostel but some things need to be done through all shifts. 

When on a shift you are the hostel and there is nothing that is not your responsibility. The hostel must be clean and welcoming. everything should be organized. Beds and rooms has to be clean and ready with the guests names on the door. 

There are too many things to do in the hostel and every shift start with following a "To Do List".

GHH Volunteers.jpg

The list is made of the most important things that we MUST do. 
After that if you still have time you just need to look around 
and find something that needs to be done. If you see nothing special that you can improve back to the To "Do List" and make sure you keep checking the kitchen and toilets all the time. 

Doing the shifts the best way you can is your side of the deal.  During your shift the place is in your hands and everything you do is important. Everything you are not doing will just stay undone. 
No short cuts, no cleaning only around things because cleaning 
under is also part of having it clean. 

When you make the beds pay attention to the details – Do it with care and love.
When you clean the toilet also clean behind and under –  do it with care and love. 

Follow the lists carefully and you cant go wrong. 

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