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Staff Duties and Perks

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Your Room

The Dorm you are sleeping in is the volunteers dorm. 
It is only for the volunteers and we are trying to keep it clean and organized. the room has to be cleaned daily:

* Wash your sheets at least once a week

* Have all your stuff tidy in the boxes under the bed.   
   You can use one of the blue lockers in front
   of  the volunteers room.

* No leaving food or cups or beers in the room

* Clear the bin every morning

* and remember that you have to set an example so please make sure your stuff is neat and tidy :-) 

GHH Kitchen.jpg


Food is a very important part of our life here. 

We try to eat together and every day someone else  cook for the group. For this to keep happening we need you to step up and cook from time to time.

Volunteers can use and eat everything we have at the hostel apart from what we offer in the shopstel. Always look for leftovers before you make more food. 

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Living Room

Please don't forget that the living room is firstly for paying guests. Make sure you don't leave your stuff laying around... or that you are not laying on the sofa when there are guests with no space to sit... 

We have Netflix and during the day you can watch as long as the living room kept inviting for our guests.

When guests start going to beds its the time to turn the TV off.

Fridge GHH.jpg

Where to store staff food

Staff food should go in the white "Staff Fridge". If there is not enough space you can also use the big "Guests Fridge". 

Make sure everything is clean and sealed in bags or boxes.

If its your private food make sure to put a sticker with your name!

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Please make sure you never leave the toilets, the showers and the kitchen dirty. Clean the toilets and showers after every use and wash the dishes immediately after eating, dry and put in place.

Feel free to go out hiking whenever you can. It is the best thing to do around and the more you hike and learn the trails in the area - the better it is of our guests that want advice. Just please remember to update someone on your plans so that we know where to look for you if needed :-) and make sure you are never late for a shift or too tired for it... 

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Days Off

The volunteers decide the shifts (we have the schedule on the computers - you can ask someone to show you) and you can make plans weeks ahead. This way you can plan your days off and take them together or any way you want. 

If you already know the dates you would like to be off mark it on the schedule as soon as you can.

If by Friday the schedule for the following week is not done i (Liad) will put your name and decide for you.

Volunteering with us you also get to stay for free in almost 
every hostel in Israel (Only after finishing your training process).

You can stay in Akko, Haifa, Nazareth, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, 
Ramallah, the Dead Sea, Mizpe Ramon and many other places. 

Let me know about your plans so i can contact these hostels. 
If you wait too long you take the risk of not having a place for you. The limit you can stay for free in one hostel is 2 nights. 

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